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Atlas Commercial Real Estate LLC - Property Management

Asset Management:

Atlas Commercial Real Estate LLC provides portfolio asset management for institutional and individual owners. Combining the elements of property management, account reporting, analysis and evaluation of the investment, and marketing, Atlas maximizes the value of the portfolio. Atlas realizes the value of satisfied tenants. The cost of losing an existing tenant is enormous when considering the decline in rental income, cost to refurbish and the time and expense involved in securing a new tenant. Atlas’ tenant retention programs maintain tenant satisfaction by addressing tenant concerns and handling tenant requests and problems promptly and efficiently.

Accounting Services:

Accurate, and real time, reporting is an integral part of asset management. Atlas utilizes the Yardi Genesis program for budgeting, day-to-day accounting and property management reporting. Yardi Genesis is fully integrated accounting and property management software for commercial, industrial, retail, mid-size residential, and condo/co-op properties. The Windows-based system streamlines operations with a centralized database and tools to automate processes including AR and AP, reporting, and maintenance. With property and tenant data in a single database, Yardi Genesis software makes it easy to report across your entire portfolio. The program includes over 100 industry standard reports with real-time data to facilitate better business decisions. Reports can be exported to Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML, or RTF or emailed directly from report screens.

Property Management:

Atlas Commercial Real Estate LLC is a full service real estate company that specializes in commercial, retail and residential investment property management. Atlas delivers best-in-class property management services for a variety of properties and clients. Atlas’ properties are staffed with experienced, organized and goal-oriented teams whose primary concern is the economic interest of the client. From marketing and accounting to maintenance issues, we develop and execute a unique management plan for each property. The mission of Atlas Commercial Real Estate LLC is to ensure that property owners benefit from the maximum return possible on their investment. To maximize the return on investment, Atlas works to attain and maintain full occupancy at each of its properties. Through responsive property management, Atlas creates outstanding tenant-landlord relations ensuring the long term value of property. Atlas will scope, bid and review all vendor services necessary for the daily operation of properties. This ensures that first class service is provided while keeping costs at or below market rates. Our professionals monitor vendors on a regular basis to ensure timeliness, adequacy, and thoroughness of provided services. Atlas implements a proactive preventative maintenance program for the structural and mechanical components of a property. These programs are critical to the duration of equipment and prevent unnecessary replacement costs that can jeopardize the cash flow for any real estate asset. Atlas thoroughly inspects all properties on a regularly to ensure tenant satisfaction and quality of work provided.

Commercial Leasing and Renewals:

Atlas Commercial Real Estate LLC understands the complexities of the commercial leasing process and how each transaction affects the short and long term value of an owner’s property. Rooted in the local commercial brokerage network, Atlas will assist property owners in the selection of the best and most appropriate brokerage group for its specific site and product. Atlas will work with the selected brokerage group to establish the proper marketing strategy, materials and regular reporting systems. An Atlas representative will join the property broker for tenant tours, as needed, and will further coordinate the delivery and negotiation of lease proposals. Once the business terms have been agreed, Atlas Commercial Real Estate LLC will work with the owner’s legal team to negotiate the final lease document, coordinate, with design professionals, the final tenant improvements scope, and bring the lease transaction to a close. Atlas Commercial Real Estate LLC further understands that the renewal of an existing tenant is exponentially more efficient, and cost effective, than seeking a new tenant. As such, Atlas continuously communicates with the existing tenant base throughout their lease term to understand and react to tenants’ ever evolving needs. Whether a company is expanding, contracting or renewing an existing lease, Atlas works tirelessly to retain the existing tenant base and maximize the owners’ property value.