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Atlas Commercial Real Estate LLC - Acquisitions

We are seeking to acquire properties that offer the potential to enhance property value through remodeling, recapitalization, expansion, or redevelopment.

Were interested in properties anchored by best-in-class national or regional retailers and have the locational characteristics to add quality tenancies to the mix.

Please contact us to obtain our Submittal Requirements.

We understand that every property has unique qualities and challenges. Here in New England we are provided the opportunity to work with some of the oldest and history filled properties. We pride ourselves with having the ability to not only manage these beautifully unique properties but also rebuild and restore them as well.

If you are interested in discussing projects and opportunities please contact us.

We look forward to helping you grow.
Anchored Retail Shopping Centers
Power Retail
Regional Specialty Retail
A quality locations
B quality locations
Near major transportation corridors
and near public transportation