Full Service Commercial & Residential Property Management and Advisory Firm • Serving New England Since 2011
Atlas Commercial Real Estate LLC

Atlas Commercial Real Estate LLC is a full service commercial and residential property management and advisory firm. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and operating in all of the New England states, Atlas represents private and institutional landlords in buying, selling, leasing, building, and managing their respective properties.

Atlas Commercial Real Estate LLC provides expert local knowledge, regional reach and a commitment to excellence in all facets of real estate management services. Founded in 2011, by Robert Macnamara, Atlas is an innovator in market strategies that ensure first class results.

Atlas Commercial Real Estate LLC delivers best-in-class property management services for a variety of properties and clients. Our superb staff and state-of-the-art support system allow us to focus on maximizing our clients' cash flow while increasing the net value of their investments. From hands-on management and accounting to maintenance and construction issues, we develop and execute a unique management plan for each property.
Atlas Commercial Real Estate LLC
provides the following services:
Investment Sourcing/ Acquisitions
Asset Management Services
Financial Reporting Services
Property Management Services
Physical Plant/Facility Maintenance Services
Commercial Lease Coordination
and Renewal Services
Construction Management Services
Due Diligence Services
We are seeking to acquire properties that offer the potential to enhance property value through remodeling, recapitalization, expansion, or redevelopment.

Property Management
Atlas Commercial Real Estate LLC is a full service real estate company that specializes in commercial, retail and residential investment property management.

Financial Reporting
Combining the elements of property management, account reporting, analysis and evaluation of the investment, and marketing, Atlas maximizes the value of the portfolio.